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Upholstery Cleaning in Putney SW15

upholstery-cleaningAre you experiencing trouble with the cleaning of your upholstery? It may cost you a lot of hard work and a lot of precious time. Upholstery cleaning service in Putney SW15 can help you with that. This is the ideal service created for you - fast, practical and without any efforts from you. Regular cleansing of leather upholstery will give the following results:

  • Kill the bacteria, germs and dust mates
  • Give a new appearance of your furnitures, mattresses and sofas
  • Clear away flea eggs, in case you have furry friend
  • And you will save a lot of money by extending the life span of your padding

You are able to make sure of this, now by requesting a absolutely free, no-obligation quote on 020 3404 6605.

Why we?

When you need upholstery washing we are the perfect pick for you. We provide you with wide variety of services like:

  • Hot water extraction process
  • Foam or dry powder treatment
  • Cleaning of organic, synthetic and wool materials
  • Stain removing

Trust the technicians and they will select the correct system of cleansing for your home furniture. The type of the cleaning depends of the upholstery materials and the level of dirt. Prolong the life of your furniture and bring back their great look.

Expert Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Local Carpet Cleaners effectively clean all types of hard floors: hardwood (laminate, parquet, engineered and real wood floors), slate & stone, tiles and vinyl. Prior to cleansing, a unit of technicians always make a thorough assessment and seal the floor in order to prevent irreversible damage and facilitate cleaning.


  • Hardwood floors have always been the hallmark/jewell of domestic flooring. These surface varieties are pleasing, resilient and maintain value over time. Despite their endurance, hardwood floors do require recurrent professional cleaning in order preserve them from wear and also enhance their appearance.
  • Our cleaning approaches: buffing (pretty common and effective washing method, used to remove imperfections in the floor, evening it out and restoring the soft and shiny look of the floor. Floor buffing utilizes special machine called "floor buffer" (also referred to as rotary floor machine), which have large, spherical scrubbing pad rotating in a circle in one direction at over 1000 RPM.) sanding ( use of fine grades of sandpaper, in order to assure even stain penetration. Sanding is mostly used to eliminate visible scratches).

Slate, stone and tile flooring

  • Those surface varieties are often neglected in terms of regular cleaning. This is due to their surface layout which tend to pollute and wear out on a much slower rates that some other floor varieties. Nevertheless once they got polluted, the gradually built layers of dirt, spills and microbes become very hard to clean. Abrasions and surface scratching are most frequent among the causes of pollution.
  • Our cleansing approaches: emulsification (dissolving oils and fats in a washing formula, that breaks them down into small particles which later become suspended in the solution), jetwash( high-pressure machines spraying hot water. Jet wash equipment we use are highly effective: they minimize the splashing of filthy water and entirely remove all dirt particles, oil-based spots and bacteria) and pressurized cleaning. Once the floor and grout surface have been properly cleaned, ongoing protection is achieved through an impregnator (impregnators penetrate below the surface of the stone, deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone and coat the individual minerals below the surface).

Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl flooring is a preferred choice for kitchens, bathrooms and many office buildings. This surface type is often prefered thanks to its durability, fantastic look (it can imitate pretty much all kinds of wood, stone and mosaic surfaces) and ease of maintenance.
  • Our cleansing methods: emulsification, heat, jetwash, low pressure cleaning and effective capture of the waste or slurry.

Additional Services and Utilities

leather-upholstery-cleaningBesides the cleanup solutions presented in Putney SW15 have a look at what will make your house appear significantly better and clean.

Hard floor cleanup contains maintenance and buffing all over your residence. That ranges natural stone and open-air washing services as well. When your drapes have to be as good as new then tell us and an suitable group will be at your doorstep right away. Mattress cleaning goes with expert sanitation. Make your moment used in the sleeping quarters a lot more relaxing and charming.

Carpet and rug cleanup is as well an extra option that you will find beneficial.

By using numerous solutions you will receive a exclusive price reduction!


Each member of the staff is prepared to acknowledge and provide resolution to your washing problems at home. Ease, ethics and professionalism and reliability are a must and we will deliver without second feelings.

Your upholstery and household furniture are cleaned with professional care and specialized techniques. The coaching of the employees we employ is not just mandatory, but it is extensive, licensed and guaranteed. The major focus is the customer and his desires - or simply you! Furthermore, you can examine the views left by at our webpage.

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Nasty scratches from your dog, oil stains from food leftovers - your hardwood floor certainly needs professional cleaning! So wait no more - pick up the phone and give us a call right now at 1 3404 6605 or get a free quote online. Either way a skilful agent will call you back and book you an appointment at a time which is convenient for you. Units available 24/7. Immediate tasks priority. Fixed rates with no undisclosed charges. Flexible payment methods. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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